My name is Jón Rúnar Helgason:

  • Independent dashboard consultant & frontend software engineer
  • Available for contract work in June 2017.
  • Currently working on a mobile dashboard app for iOS written in React Native.
  • Very interested in functional programming: Elm, PureScript, ReasonML, Haskell, etc.
  • Working remotely from Galway, Ireland. From Iceland.


I help companies make informed business decisions based on their data. To do that I’ve specialised in creating tailor made dashboard websites and mobile apps. We will be a good fit if you:

  • Require a tailor made dashboard to make good use of your company’s data.
  • Have in-house backend expertise to serve your data through an API.
  • Have a good idea what your KPIs are and what to filter by.
  • Want to offload entirely the frontend work & responsibilities.

I can be contacted via: