Getting the Asus USB-BT211 Bluetooth dongle to work on a Hackintosh

I just received my Asus USB-BT211 Bluetooth dongle in the mail today and was excited to finally get to use my trusty Apple Wireless keyboard again. I ordered it from Amazon after I read this tonymacx86 blogpost about recommended hardware for SandyBridge Hackintosh builds. Supposedly it should have worked right out of the box, just plug-and-play. However the dongle (BT21) that the link pointed to wasn’t for sale anymore so carelessly I found a dongle with a similar name (BT211). Long story short, the previous version (BT21) works out of the box but the newest one that I got (BT211) does not. The remainder of this post are instructions that I found after some digging on how to make it work (with some limits).

Credit goes to drcrack at the tonymacx86 forum. You should probably check out his post first, he seems to be updating it quite regularly and it contains some additional information.

1) Download this file (it’s extracted Windows 7 drivers courtesy of the user ajg0r at the tonymacx86 forum)

2) Run Terminal and change dir to your Downloads directory:
cd ~/Downloads
(No, you can’t just click “install” script in Finder — it requires to be run with sudo. If you click it, it will just exit.)

3) Unpack
tar zxf ath3k-firmware-uploader-V2.tar.gz

4) Go to unpacked directory
cd ath3k-firmware-uploader-V2

5) Install (will require admin rights)
sudo ./install

6) Shutdown, do power-off, power-on, and enjoy native bluetooth right from the start

7) Once back in OSX there will be a window stating that there is a new network adapter available. Go to Network in System Preferences and click the plus on the left and select Bluetooth DUN. All done, now just pair your device/s as usual.

Now the limits? People are reporting that the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad do not work, only “… wireless keyboard[s], audio and phones.” As I just wanted to use my Wireless Apple keyboard, I got what I wanted -_-. Thanks drcrack and ajg0r for the help!

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  1. Thanks for the info and for working this all out. I have a hackintosh and am using a BT211 right as I type with Apple BT keyboard and Mighty Mouse. However, when I reboot,I have no BT services. I have to go back in with a wired setup and re run the ./install script. And then of course it says that the file is already there. Then I have BT services and can pair my mouse and keyboard. Short of some major trick I haven’t been able to find, is there a way to write a startup script that will do this on reboot?

    Thanks for your work and help

  2. Hey, glad it helped someone. But yeah I’ve been running into the exact same problem when I reboot. I’ve been meaning to write some script that’d take care of this (and update this post) but haven’t got around to it yet. If you’ll send me a message on twitter (my username is jonrh) I’ll let you know personally once I’ve finished it. It could be a while though, I was upgrading my OSX few days ago and somehow managed to mess it up so now I can’t get passed the grey loading screen with the Apple logo, ooops :p

  3. The download links no longer work, and the post you’re pointing to has been archived. Just wanted to give you and other readers of this an update as I continue my search to get this working.

  4. Hi, the link for downloading the file does not work anymore. Is there another link? Thanks!

  5. I have bo Problems with the Reboot, but the Magic Mouse works for aprox. 5 Minutes, than it lacks until connection is lost.
    But thanks for the Skript and driver you’ve provided here. Helped me a lot. I RTS the Dongle and get a new one which hopefully works fine.

    Best Regards

  6. Post

    I updated the link so the download should work now. Thanx for pointing it out!

  7. I ahve the same bluetooth and I have Win 7 as well as OSX 10.8. I have a Haswell build.
    I see if I boot to Win 7 and come back to OSX 10.8 it works well I say really well.
    I think when I go to Win7 , Win 7 somehow starts BT211. Can you script that way so that when OSX 10.8 boots it starts BT211 too.

    I am a developer can you help me how you are making the script a bit step by step way so that I can also try with you.
    I have no idea of DSDT so …………. A bit step by step way will only help me.

    Any way it was a awesome post :)

  8. But what if i’am using not chimera boot loader but the clover one? I don’t have extra folder and in case of that I get “/Extra: No such file or directory” :((( What i have to do then?

  9. Trying to install on old ibook g4 and getting error “bad cpu type in executable” i guess it is built for intel not for ppc.can anybody help me?!

  10. Post

    Alex: I think you’re right. The dongle will probably not work because the drivers were written for a different CPU architecture. I’m really sorry for not being able to be of more help.

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