Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff lyrics

October 17, 2008

Rob Swire vocals

it’s been so long I’ve been out of my body with you I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true she took me to a place where my senses gave-way turn it round, shut it down, what the people say climbing up, killing time, let them give you some take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it…

take it back when she knows that your doing it right cuz everybody else knows what their taking tonight

but I just wanna play it right we’re gonna get there tonight!

it’s been so far, I’ve been walking the line on my own lift me up to the stars, we are coming home I only had a taste, but were out of time we are souls in the cold, physical design set me free, set me out on the run lift me up to the sun, to the sun, to the…

we are burning down, we are burning down it’s the way that you fake it, I know it’s too late

but I just want to play it right we’re gonna get there tonight!

I just want to take you down we’re gonna get there tonight!

but I just want to play it right we’re gonna get there tonight!

The original vocals

“At the present moment I’m not recording, I’m not on tour, I’ve never had a song who’s number 1 on Beatport. I’ve never been featured on JunoDownload or Trackitdown. I’ve never released vinyl but what I do know is that I’ve been listening to elictronica for many years and I’ve every right to speak my mind against the fabricated music that is being released on a daily basis. It’s absolutely appalling! All these people think that if you’re on the Beatport top 10 then you’re making something out of yourself, well your making a mockery out of electronic music! I’m a producer and I come from the underground, and I’m quite frankly I’m sick and tired! And I’m here to go on these rants on messageboards because I know I’ll never mount to anything and I need to make myself feel better so when I’m not high on cocaine I’ll sit in front of this computer till the cows come home and continue ranting and raving about artists that actually living out their dreams because I never will!”


  1. This post previously only contained the original vocals but now there is a new version out featuring Rob Swire from Pendulum. I disagree with the lyrics I found on another site so I decided to make my own. It’s a little bit fuzzy so feel free to share your interpretation.
  2. @DAN: Cheers, fixed it.
  3. Adapted mostly to T-Bags version of the lyrics. After countless rounds of listening I gave up and asked couple of my friends about the lyrics and most of them agreed on T-Bags version. However most agreed that it was “we’re gonna…” instead of “we, you gonna…” in the chorus.
  4. 31 Jan 2011: changed “I only had a chase, …” to “I only had a taste, …”. Thanx for the input InternetGuy, ThunderPwny, ntrval & pablo!

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