Over the years I have specialised in product development. Mostly focused on design and construction of frontend applications, that is websites and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.


2017 - Current

Time tracking for contractors. Designed for small companies with simple needs: track projects, hours & locations. Frontend engineering, devops, customer support and daily operations. Made the iOS & Android apps with JavaScript and React Native. Website with React. Set up continuous deployments with CircleCI & Docker. timavera.com

Tímavera timeclock mobile appWeb dashboard for Tímavera time tracking

#Branded Websites & Email

2018 - Current

Digital presence for individuals and companies. Branded email using leading providers such as Fastmail and Gmail. Websites showcasing area of expertise, past projects or simple contact pages.

Screenshot from jonogmarteinn.isScreenshot from malco.is, a simple site with contact details

Tiny CRM

2021 - Current

Hobby project with a friend. Experimenting with new tech, UI & UX. Aimed to be an intermediate CRM for those that need something better than a text docu­ment or a spreadsheet but something simpler and more lightweight than the established CRMs. See more at tinycrm.app. Currently in the very early days. If interested to try it out send us a line at tinycrm@tinycrm.app.

#Activity Stream

2017 - 2018

Operations intelligence for Live Entertainment & Sports. Iceland’s Startup of the Year in 2017 and AI/ML Startup of the Year in 2018. Created and maintained dashboards and visualisations for the AI engine. JavaScript, TypeScript & Mithril. Remote contractor. activitystream.com

UI Design of Activity Stream dashboard


Vaki Aquaculture Systems Ltd. is the industry leader in fish counting and size estimation of live fish. Vaki offers a variety of solutions but the one I worked on was the Biomass Daily system. The gist of it is this: you are a company that operates fish farms. On each farm there are multiple sea cages with salmon. You rent hardware frames from Vaki and lower them into the sea cages. As the salmon swim through the frames their weight is measured. This data is then aggregated and analysed in various dashboards. vakiiceland.is

Biomass Daily frames

#iPhone App: BD Monitor

2016 - 2017

This project was about creating an auxiliary mobile app to monitor the status of the hardware frames that run 24/7 capturing size estimations. Before this app, users would check the current hardware status on a PC. With an app the process became more convenient for the site managers, who are often on the move. Product development from sketches all the way to a finished mobile app.

The app was written in JavaScript ES2015 and React Native.

Early mockups demonstrating bottom navigation and History viewBD Monitor login and home screenBD Monitor Summary & SettingsBD Monitor HistoryBD Monitor UtilisationBD Monitor sea cage detail view

#Web Dashboard: biomassdaily.com

2014 - 2015

Access is restricted to users of the Biomass Daily system. The system has been in daily active use by Vaki's customers and employees since its launch in 2015.

Main features:

  • Dashboard of current operational status of hardware in the field.
  • Trend analysis of weight data to see how population is progressing.
  • Distribution analysis to observe weight distribution and health of population.
  • Administration section to manage users and privileges.
  • Secure Login with username and email.
  • Multiple languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian & Icelandic.

Technical implementation:

  • Single page application web site. Written in JavaScript (version ES5) and structured in the React library. User interface structure provided by Bootstrap. More technical details can be found in my blog post: Retrospective on React.
  • Backend provides all data through a web service API and JSON. Written and maintained by Vaki in C# and Microsoft SQL Server database.
Biomass Daily sea cages dashboardBiomass Daily weight trendgraphBiomass Daily weight distributionBiomass Daily Feed Conversion RatioBiomass Daily Login

#Já.is Gadget & Widget

This was the project that sparked my interest in frontend development. A very small 1-2 week project I worked on back in 2010 for Já.is, the official phonebook registry of Iceland. Super simple OSX Widget and Windows Gadget dashboard tools, obsolete today as operating systems have dropped support. You would start typing some name and it would drop down an autocomplete menu of possible results. Once enter was pressed it would redirect to the ja.is website.

Screenshot of the Já.is OSX Widget and Windows Gadget

This was one of the most fun projects I worked on. I didn't know it at the time but this project planted a seed that would eventually lead me to specialising in dashboards as a career.