Gitignore for LaTeX projects

March 12, 2016

I use LaTeX and Git for schoolwork. It took me a bit of trial and error to figure out the proper .gitignore configuration to exclude the auto generated "byproduct" files LaTeX produces.

Here is what I'm currently using in my .gitignore files:

# Ignore all files in "LaTeX" folders

# Except .tex files and files in the /images/ folder

Here is an example of the folder structure I use:

   ├─ Assignment1/
   |   ├─ assignment files
   |   └─ LateX/
   |      ├─ Report.tex  <- include
   |      ├─ Report.pdf  <- ignore
   |      ├─ Report.gz   <- ignore
   |      ├─ Report.out  <- ignore
   |      ├─ Report.log  <- ignore
   |      ├─ Report.aux  <- ignore
   |      └─ images/
   |         └─ figure1.png  <- include
   ├─ Assignment2/
   |   ├─ assignment files
   |   └─ LateX/
   |      ├─ ...

Notice that I exclude the generated PDF file. As with code you generally don't want to include files in Git that can be created / generated from a source file, it can create a lot of noise. However I make an exception to that in my workflow for convenience. After I'm done writing I copy Report.pdf to the Assignment1 folder and commit it. That way I track in Git the version I submitted.

Jón Rúnar HelgasonJón Rúnar Helgason